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Do certifications matter?

Was talking to a prospect yesterday and was asked "What certifications do I hold?" This made me realize, while I have several I don't lead with that often. Seems at times in this business the certification process has trouble keeping up with the real world.

I'd say there are two types of knowledge in our business...

1. Timeless wisdom (can be applied to a variety of circumstances)

- Best Practices

- Under Promise Over Deliver

- Communicate!

- use 2FA

2. Technical Detail (short life span)

- The best Malware program today is ____

- The firewall for you is _______

- Windows 10 is best

- The best browser is ____

My most recent certifications include KnowBe4's Defining and Handling Sensitive information and HIPAA certification, Connectwise Cybersecurity for Sales (which is based on NIST compliance) as well as others (NetWare System Admin anyone?)

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